“Doctor’s, Doctor’s Everywhere” Poem

Doctor’s, Doctor’s Everywhere 


  They all behave as if they really care
  ‘As though they’ll be our saviors
  White coats and straight-backed chairs
  I can cure her
  Why, it’s done all the time!
  Their fate seems inevitable…
  As each of the them tries
  Only to result in yet another dismal demise
  Oh, if only I had a dime…
  For each one, each time!

 Doctors, Doctors Everywhere
  It always begins the very same way
  So self-important, so blasé'
  They treat her as if it’s just another day
  Another sick child with invasive thoughts
  Give me a chance to cure her
  I can make it go away
  Just let ME try, that’s what they all say!

 Doctors, Doctors Everywhere
  “But mommy, mommy, she exclaims
  They all treat me the very same way
  They don’t have a clue what it’s like
  Or what I have to do
  They say it’s all in my mind
  As if I don’t know that, too!”

 Doctors, Doctors EvEverywhere
  “I hate these doctors
  I hate them all
  They say they have the answers
  But, I know they’re all pretend!
  Nobody can help me
  No one can make my mind defend
  Against these pervasive thoughts again and again!”

 Doctors, Doctors Everywhere
  “I have to do things one, two, three
  I have to do these things…
  Or it will kill me!
  My mind assures me so-
  Defeated, year after year, by this horrid foe!”

 Doctors, Doctors Everywhere
  Where do I turn to, Mommy?
  Where do I go?
  My brain won’t release me
  I can’t force it to let me go
  I’m bound by its never-ending nagging
  As if it is bragging;

“You are stuck with me forever
No matter what you do
I will have you completely
Forever in time
You see my little child
You brain is mine!”

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