About OCD Kids

OCD Kids is a forum for parents with children suffering from OCD to discuss OCD from their own personal perspectives.  How we cope, how we help our afflicted children to heal and how we remain composed while fighting this illogical, confusing, profound illness our children are forced to endure.

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    I have struggled with OCD throughout my adolescent, teen, and adult years. I experience a major victory when I was able to overcome ritualistic behavior by memorizing and reciting Scripture verses to replace the negative behaviors. Memorizing Ephesians 6 10-18 delivered me from the compulsion to repeat phrases and prayers anxiously. Layer by layer destructive patterns can be replaced with healthy ones. But memorizing that passage was a major milestone for me, now 32. My heart goes out to you and your child struggling with this. I understand the torment and know there is hope and freedom as well.

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