“Mommy’s Cries” Poem


Make this three-lettered evil go away

I just need to cry, fall upon my knees

Let me hold my precious child, comfort all her needs

Can’t anyone help us, please?


You can’t touchme mommy,


For SURELY I will die!

No mommy, no, don’t touch me,

echoes within her mind

…She cannot be touched

Any germs will kill her dead,

That is what she hears

Deep within her own head


Someone, please help her

She is inexplicably entangled

Wound tightly in a web

As if in an endless, awakened dream

And all that’s left are the silent screams!

A dream where all reality has been lost

A web of steel she has been embossed


And all which remains

Are those horrific thoughts

Which no matter the effort

Can’t ever seem to be tossed


My child I knew so well

Has somehow ventured into a deep mental hell

A place of darkness and dread

‘Cant cross a Blue tile before the red!

Where has this ever-present nightmare led?


All MUST be either Equal or odd!

Mommy, “The cracks in the sidewalk will make you die!”

How could this not make you cry?

I listen as she scrubs off her invisible enemies

After which, her perfect fair toned skin is mutilated, raw and dry

Outside the bathroom door, I silently cry & cry


Help her Heavenly Father, I would often plead

“Make her life worth living; help her forget this tragic past

Prove her wishes and dreams for a future aren’t really dead”

But with each of the 9 passing year’s exponentially worse than the last

I must resign to silently scream inside my own head


What happened to my child?

I know she’s STILL THERE

Surely, the real she is not dead

It is just that she is trapped

Trapped within her own head


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